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With extensive knowledge in node operations from everything to validators, RPCs, oracles, and bridges, BCW has expanded its node expertise to include LayerZero DVNs.

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that empowers developers to craft and customize unified applications, tokens, and data primitives seamlessly across various chains by facilitating the transmission of messages.

Why Choose BCW to Build with LayerZero?

BCW ensures the security and integrity of omni-chain communications on LayerZero as a DVN provider. BCW facilitates rapid onboarding into the LayerZero ecosystem and equips each new network with the ability to transfer fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, and smart contract interactions across blockchain networks utilising the LayerZero OFT, ONFT, and OApp standards.

We have an array of node types across our business lines: validator, indexer, RPC, bridge, and oracle. We remove the need for specialised technical knowledge, infrastructure, and network security, which allows our clients to focus on what matters the most - adding value to the DLT ecosystem.

We operate 100+ nodes across 20+ protocols with continued 24/7 support for large enterprises, ensuring stable and consistent network performance. We cater to corporate clients needing a high-touch enterprise-grade partner to manage existing node operations & provide access to a wide-range of networks.

Without compromise, security is our number one priority. Our team has decades of experience in systems architecture and infrastructure security, which has protected the sanctity of our clients’ data against outside threats.

If you wish to request to add your network to LayerZero, feel free to reach out below.


BCW offers a DVN-as-Service for networks that wish to integrate into LayerZero. This approach utilises industry-best practices and removes the need for technical upskilling and additional personnel required to run blockchain nodes. Once integrated into the omni-chain LayerZero ecosystem, users can seamlessly send tokens and data across Web3 networks, and begin to alleviate the burdens of the incumbent siloisation in the contemporary Web3 industry.

BCW operates a DVN on LayerZero, which helps to verify and secure cross-chain endpoint-to-endpoint messaging with the OApp Security Stack.

Supported Networks

BCW’s Public Mainnet Addresses

astar: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

aurora: 0x70BF42C69173d6e33b834f59630DAC592C70b369

canto: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

conflux: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

coredao: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

fuse: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

kava: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

klaytn: 0x28af4dADbc5066e994986E8bb105240023dC44B6

loot: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

manta: 0x809CDE2AfcF8627312E87a6a7bbFFaB3F8F347c7

mantle: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

meter: 0xC4e1b199C3B24954022FcE7ba85419B3f0669142

metis: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

moonriver: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

opbnb: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

orderly: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

scroll: 0x7A7dDC46882220a075934f40380d3A7e1e87d409

shimmer: 0xDd7B5E1dB4AaFd5C8EC3b764eFB8ed265Aa5445B

tenet: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

xpla: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

zksync: 0x0D1bc4Efd08940eB109Ef3040c1386d09B6334E0

zora: 0x7fe673201724925B5c477d4E1A4Bd3E954688cF5

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