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BCW Group fosters a culture of collaboration and thought diversity.
Our teams are comprised of enthusiastic and confident personalities.
If you enjoy collaborating with and learning from highly skilled individuals, and are interested in the verticals we service, check out our open positions!


At BCW, we believe in cooperation over competition. Our culture is built on the foundation of teamwork, where collaboration across functions is not just encouraged, but essential. We understand that true innovation thrives in an environment of openness, honesty, and trust.

Change is constant. At BCW, we not only embrace it, but also drive it forward. We proactively seek new challenges and opportunities with an agile approach. Every team member is empowered to lead initiatives, create opportunities, and swiftly adapt to change.

In solving problems, we prioritise mutual respect, understanding, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals. We foster an environment where open-mindedness and curiosity are celebrated to fuel intellectual exploration and professional growth.

At BCW, we are not just employees, we are entrepreneurs leading missions with autonomy and passion. Together, we create a culture where collaboration, diversity, and adaptability are more than buzzwords; they are lived values that propel us toward excellence every day.

One of our core strengths lies in the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our team members who hail from various corners of the world. We value their vast complementary skills, recognising that diversity enriches our approach to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Network Validation


BCW runs validator nodes and serves as a whitelisted provider of staking services on 25+ of networks. BCW offers staking services alongside large institutions, banks, custodians, and more.

Node Deployment

BCW sets up, deploys, and manages your node(s), enabling you to apply the benefits of node validation to your business easing the need for technical capabilities for high-quality node deployment & management.

Staking & treasury management solutions

BCW can assist in the setup of your desired staking & treasury management solution, allowing you to maximise the return of your node operations.


Always be up to date on key performance metrics relevant to your node operations such as uptime, staking rewards, blocks validated, and more.