About BCW Group


BCW Group is a global strategy & management consulting firm with a variety of high-profile corporate clients focused on making blockchain use cases come to life.


We listen to our clients & partners and provide a comprehensive suite of customised solutions based upon their needs — all while pioneering industry-leading practices.


To address the unique needs of each client, BCW comes on as a Partner Firm and forms a specialised integrated working group to build out the strategic components of a project. As our client’s partner, our team of experts stay on to execute pre & post launch services to ensure best in class service across the entirety of the project lifecycle.


At BCW, we are proud to help build your success with our expert team.


We tell your stories. Let us help you spread the word.


BCW's startup experience and its global network ensure your project will get the right mentoring and garner attention from the right institutions.


We build & execute your trading strategy at each point of your business


We have a vast network of world-class trusted providers to facilitate safe, fast and fair services for your business needs.


We educate and inform organizations and institutions as to how blockchain technology & business can transform society.

BCW is an Official Partner of Worldpay.

We focus on integrating frictionless payments infrastructure for the growth & development of the blockchain ecosystem.

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The Team

Meet our team of dedicated blockchain professionals.

Hyunsuk An


April has a love for blockchain tech and it's transformative power for supply chain management. With 13+ years in the cosmetics industry, the need to streamline processes to bring customers affordable and transparent products is a main motivator. April sees blockchain services as a way to empower disenfrancised populations.

Kyle Baron

Managing Partner

Kyle has a diverse international background in corporate technology, energy and education working for multi-nationals on the business development and client engagement side. Kyle has been a blockchain enthusiast for 5+ years and is an original partner at BCW. Kyle prides the BCW team's creative and execution capabilities.

Dwight Van Diem

CIO / Head of Payments

Dwight is an avid enthusiast of distributed ledger technologies and their potential to create new ecosystems and attain widespread market adoption. He takes a macro trend view on investment opportunities – looking for strong teams, solving real problems, in areas that are adding new pieces to the puzzle.

Matthew De Souza

CSO / Institutional Trading Director

A long time technology enthusiast with a strong background in finance, Matt is proud to be at the frontier of new and rapidly growing sector that incorporates both of these passions. He is excited to have a part in helping build out the DLT eco-system which has the potential to positively shape the future.

Angus Cepka

Advisory Director

Angus is a strong proponent helping clients leverage the power of blockchain technology to transform their businesses. His strong prior experience in finance, consulting and cryptocurrencies ensures that clients are able to build a strong blockchain based business model.

Ben Tiede

Research Director

Ben is a blockchain technology enthusiast with a primary interest in helping clients achieve tokenized business model innovation. His prior experience is in financial services and technology consulting domains and he speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

Scott Robinson

Sr. Marketing

Scott has 15 years of corporate communications experience with a broad range of clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He specializes in developing to-market branding strategies with deliverables across all digital platforms. With a background in both hospitality and journalism, Scott brings his passion to the blockchain space helping mold the industry conversation and drive successful market entries for BCW clients.

Nick Van Diem

Blockchain Advisor
(United Kingdom)

Nick has a key interest in distributed ledger technology coupled with a lengthy background in mixed media industries across a variety of disciplines. Communication and design being a key focus with how the customer/investor engages with the technology.

Oojin Mudgett

Head of Client Engagement

After working in traditional industries including energy and transportation, Oojin works to bring transformative technology to legacy systems. Oojin enjoys bringing different groups together towards mutual growth, and is always hunting for new opportunities for blockchain in Asia.

Sean Ratka

Head of Client Engagement

With a decade of experience in the renewable energy sector, Sean works at the intersection of blockchain technology and the new energy economy, managing innovative projects and enabling clients to reach their full potential by leveraging the transformative power of Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Casey Sword

Digital Media Manager

Casey's career spans a multitude of industries including energy, healthcare, blockchain, and feature animation. He has worked as a community leader on the blockchain project Hycon and is an avid blockchain enthusiast and investor.

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