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the Digital Economy to
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BCW Group is an enterprise technology firm & venture studio dedicated to building Web3 infrastructure & applications that connect and interact with the on-demand digital universe.

We skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.


The spaces we play in


Validation & Staking

With years of experience running validator nodes on Web3 networks, BCW brings expertise, awareness, and active participation on Web3 networks for our enterprise clients, including F500 companies.

BCW Cloud Services

BCW is a Sell, Service, Build and Infrastructure partner of Google Cloud.

Interoperability Solutions

We leverage an array interoperability tools and solutions to increase your projects’ access to liquidity and opportunities. Learn more >

On Chain Services

Our on-chain services promote the expansion of Web3 technologies with data tooling, ETL, ZK managed services, provers-as-a-service, and various bespoke options.

Interactive Experiences

Foundry is the development arm of BCW-T that excels at the intersection of design, technology, and Web3. Together, we shape challenging ideas into interactive experiences.


Fiat-to-Crypto Processed


Successful Ventures Launched


Networks Supported


We launch businesses that accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies.


We offer a wide range of cutting-edge digital payments technologies and services to meet the specific needs of clients and market demand.

Card Processing (Card-to-Crypto)

Debit Card Issuance for Digital Assets

Digital Asset Remittances Services

Stablecoin Settlement


Our investment thesis is simple: digital infrastructure will power a Web3 future. Choosing BCW as an investor not only provides access to capital, but the ability to leverage BCW’s battle-tested suite of infrastructure services and products, as well as our industry-leading experience and vast industry connections.


Ventures Launched


Companies Invested In

BCW Investment Focus:

Decentralised Finance

Payments Infrastructure

L1/L2 Networks

Staking Services

Financial Security Infrastructure

Data Oracles

Mining Infrastructure

Metaverse & Gaming


Network Validation


BCW runs validator nodes and serves as a whitelisted provider of staking services on 25+ of networks. BCW offers staking services alongside large institutions, banks, custodians, and more.

Node Deployment

BCW sets up, deploys, and manages your node(s), enabling you to apply the benefits of node validation to your business easing the need for technical capabilities for high-quality node deployment & management.

Staking & treasury management solutions

BCW can assist in the setup of your desired staking & treasury management solution, allowing you to maximise the return of your node operations.


Always be up to date on key performance metrics relevant to your node operations such as uptime, staking rewards, blocks validated, and more.