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Who We Are

BCW is an innovative blockchain industry services hub, enabling companies to grow their businesses globally with a localized touch.


Our philosophy is simple, we listen to our clients and partners and provide a comprehensive suite of customized solutions based on their needs – all while ensuring the highest ethical standards.


How we work – To address the unique needs of each project, BCW forms bespoke project teams, by selecting relevant experts from our diverse global team. Our project teams tackle challenges from different angles and remain engaged for the duration of the project, from idea creation to delivery of services, ensuring their personal stake in delivering winning solutions for our clients’ and partners’ go-to-market blockchain business strategies.

Our Services

Investor Relations

Institutional Trading Services

Marketing & PR Services

Mining Services

Advisory & Consulting Services

Education Consulting Services

BCW's global network ensures your project will garner attention from the right institutions.


  • Formulate the Investment Proposition & Develop Investment Strategy
  • Conduct Extensive Project Due Diligence
  • Prepare Thorough Analysis of the Market & Competitive Landscape
  • Plan, Implement & Coordinate Investor Events/Roadshows
  • Advisory & Coaching of Executive Team for Project Pitches

We have a vast network of trusted providers to facilitate safe, fast & fair services for your business needs.


  • OTC Trading
  • Market Making
  • Exchange Listings
  • Trading Programs for Hedging or Liquidation

We tell your stories. Let us help you spread the word.


  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing Content & Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Leadership Programs
  • Professional Translation

Let BCW customize your mining operations.


  • Mining Advisory
  • Design & Build
  • Operations Management

At BCW, we are proud to help build your success with our expert team.


  • Business Model Design
    • Planning and Implementation
  • Whitepaper Design
  • Token Metrics
  • Token Design
  • Valuations
  • Legal Advisory* (provided by our global law firm partners)
  • Events Engagement

Our team is focused on educating & informing organizations & institutions as to how blockchain technology & business can help transform society.


  • Corporate Seminars
  • University Lectures
  • Accelerator Programs
  • University Partnerships for Advisory
  • Industry Policy Analysis

Advisory and Consulting Services

BCW has the capability to advise clients at all stages of the ICO and ensure that the ICO is successful.


Whitepaper Design

Write a whitepaper that explains the project in a way that appeals to investors



Build token valuation models to help understand token price growth potential


Token Metrics

Define token allocation and costs for the ICO to optimize utility


Token Design

Design the properties of the token to ensure regulatory compliance and business integration


Business Model Design

Plan a business model that integrates tokens and the blockchain



Identify areas of a business that can benefit from tokenization



Develop a plan to integrate the tokens with a new or existing business

Marketing & PR Support

Unparalleled access to the hottest markets in the ICO Community.


Targeted Marketing


Translation Services


Brand Management


Digital Content Development

Cultivate Who You Are

Build a story that best represents your firm:


  • Brand consultancy to identify and build your brand
  • Showcase your brand to the world through activities and media channels



Localized Strategy

Full campaign specific to your target market:


  • Website design and management
  • Targeted advertising
  • Social media monitoring & response
  • Press release development & dissemination
  • Community leadership development



Giving Voice to Your Solution

Creative and passionate



  • Content ideation & planning
  • Content creation
  • Profession writing & editing
  • Blog management
  • Video production



Reach a Wider Audience

Let us help you reach a global audience:


  • Customized translation services to fit your needs



Investor Relations

We only take on best-in-class protocol & platform projects that have the potential to create new ecosystems and attain widespread market adoption.


We utilize various business frameworks and investment models to evaluate whether a project meets our stringent standards, ensuring its best chance of success and adherence to our goals and beliefs.

Formulate the investment proposition and develop an investment strategy

Conduct extensive project due diligence; financials, forecasts, interviews

Prepare thorough analysis of the market and competitive landscape

Plan, implement and coordinate investor events

Advisory and coaching of executive team for project pitches

Provide input & feedback to both the project team and investors

Meet our team of professionals.

Hyunsuk An

Co-founder & CEO

Kyle Baron

Managing Director

Dwight van Diem

CIO & Head of Investor Relations

Angus Cepka

Advisory Director

Matthew De Souza

Director of Institutional Trading (Asia & Europe)

James Liu

Director of Institutional Trading (Americas)

 Mike Schinner

Director of Mining Operations

Ben Tiede

Blockchain Advisor

Nick Van Diem

Blockchain Advisor

Sean Ratka

Head of Client Engagement


Oojin Mudgett

Head of Client Engagement


Mazen Mostapha

Client Engagement Manager

(MENA & Hong Kong)

Matthew Glenn

Client Engagement Manager

(United States)

Timothy Kau

Client Engagement Manager


Jeffrey Tchui

Client Engagement Manager


Daniel Daugherty

Social Media Manager

Casey Sword

Digital Media Manager

Our Clients

Our Collaborative Partners


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Seoul, South Korea

4/F, Wai Lam house

12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

Hong Kong

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