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Polygon FAQ

Polygon Network is a sidechain-based scaling solution for public blockchains. It is based on an adapted implementation of the Plasma framework. Polygon provides scalability while ensuring a superior user experience in a secured and decentralized manner. It has a working implementation for Ethereum on Kovan Testnet. Polygon intends to support other blockchains in the future which will enable it to provide interoperability features alongside offering scalability to existing public blockchains. (Source)

Staking is the process by which crypto holders can earn rewards by locking in crypto currency and participating actively in transaction validation on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. With a minimum-required balance the holder of a particular cryptocurrency can be a part of the network and validate transactions and thereby earn staking rewards. This serves as a means to passive income and gives the holder the ability to vote in the network.

We are the technology arm of BCW Group, a fintech focused strategy consulting firm. We build digital asset services on distributed ledger technology for Fortune 500 Companies and Enterprise clients. We offer institutional Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings for clients looking for DPOS network validation & staking, DLT network monitoring & maintenance & ancillary application builds for specific use cases.

stakeFi Network is a product of BCW Technologies.
stakeFi Network is a B2B marketplace allowing businesses to offer downstream delegation and staking services with a wide variety of validator networks that are easy to connect to via API based integrations.

Augmenting the usual benefits garnered from staking your Polygon (MATIC) tokens on a node. BCW utilizes around-the-world monitoring and redundancies to ensure that nodes stay up. Likewise, if you are staking as an institution, BCW offers a variety of services that can be leveraged to offer Polygon network staking to your customers.

When staking Polygon (MATIC) tokens, you are placing your tokens into an application on the Polygon and Ethereum networks. This application, implemented with smart contracts, will remove direct control from your wallet, however, you are capable of withdrawing requests from the contract at any time (See: What is the minimum time commitment to stake Polygon (MATIC) with BCW Technologies).

While staking, your Polygon (MATIC) balance will no longer be listed directly on your address. You can visit [insert link] and connect your wallet via a wallet provider to check your balances, stake more, or de-stake. You can also find more instructions and a staking guide from the Polygon team here.

The fee percentage for BCW Technologies validators is variable and is in the range of 12-15%. However, we will be ensuring early broadcast of any changes at least a month before any large changes and keeping all network members up to date on small ones. The output of rewards from Polygon (MATIC) itself is based on the number of additional stakers and validators on the network.

There are no minimums to delegate to BCW Technologies Polygon (MATIC) node.

Simply by delegating your tokens through the Polygon system, you will be nominating BCW validators to accrue blocks. This process consists of first creating a Polygon wallet, adding funds to that wallet, and then finally sending a ‘delegation transaction’ to our published node.

Currently there is no minimum time commitment. Any updates will be circulated to the delegators.

When you want to withdraw your stake, you can click the ‘unbond’ button. This allows you to withdraw the whole stake you currently have with us. After you unbind from a validator, there is a limited mandatory ‘unbonding period’ that Polygon Network has put in place to prevent any malicious behavior on the network. Currently, the unbonding period is 9 days (subject to future changes by Polygon network) after which your staking rewards will be credited to your account. Your staked tokens will be locked for 9 days and you can withdraw them after this ‘unbonding period’ ends.

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